Reducing complexity to

actionable insights.


Action Analytics helps businesses create clear, actionable analytics from their data and we are veterans at cutting through the clutter to get there.

Data Visualization and Dashboarding

Successful data visualizations continually produce new actionable insights. But creating a concise and complete dashboard from mountains of data is easier said than done.

We are experts at navigating complex data sets to uncover insights, trends, patterns and connections. Closing the circuit between insights and action, we breathe new life into highly dense and dimensional data, helping you to understand the complex relationships in your environment.  We then create visually rich and interactive dashboards to spur action and to change the way you do business.


Data Prep + Pipeline Creation

Data cleansing and reshaping are pre-requisites to effective and insightful data visualizations and dashboards. Data prep pipelines are the assembly line of your company's analytics supply chain. There can be no useful information products without them.

Action Analytics experts gather, enrich, shape, and explore your source data to create an underlying structure in support of visual analysis and actionable insight. We then automate this pipeline, eliminating manual steps to accelerate learning and action.


Data Management + Architecture

Good design optimizes at every level of the vertical solution stack.  And a sound approach to data governance, data modeling, and data architecture are keys to your solution success.  Action Analytics are experts in this domain.

In companies both large and small, our data management philosophy is one of empowering agile analytics within the structure of sound data management.  Our integrated approach tightly couples the underlying data architecture with visualization and dashboard design.  The result is performant, secure, data-driven business value.


Expert Guidance + Leadership

Whether you have an established team or are just getting started, we can help.  Action Analytics provides leadership and expert guidance with customized and tailor-fit engagements:

  • Novice to Advanced Tableau Training
  • Analytics Team Coaching and Mentorship
  • Visualization and Data Solution Design Best Practices
  • Tableau Server Landscape Management




Simple is hard. We can help.