Reducing complexity to actionable insights.


What we do

Action Analytics is a data consultancy specializing in visualization, preparation, data science and architecture. Each time a person experiences data is an opportunity to inform their behavior. We are experts in providing clients with actionable insights by visualizing complex relationships, revealing connections and harvesting business insight.

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Who we are

We at Action Analytics are a team of data designers, scientists and architects passionate about using data and technology to influence action.

Meet the team

How we think

Action in this world is the result of inquiry, motivated by opportunity. We leverage human cognitive science, technical implementation best practices and our understanding of your organization’s data and culture to design and develop visionary solutions that enable behavior change.

In this 45 minute talk, Managing Director, Keith Helfrich dives deep into compelling others to action through data visualization.


  • Your role as an author
  • Connecting to a higher sense of purpose
  • The importance of story and narrative
  • How to bring it all together with data and visual encoding to drive your audience to action and change their behavior

Why we are different

Action Analytics is not a traditional IT company, management consulting firm or staffing agency. We are partners to the enterprise business units that themselves are the proving ground of advanced business intelligence tools. Our expertise is comprehensive: with the technical skills to blend and normalize your data, the business acumen to mine it for meaning, the design capabilities to visualize complex relationships and the storytelling mastery to connect the data with a compelling narrative. Our work together will empower you to make faster and more intelligent business decisions. We engage to realize the full potential of your team and your data, to automate the insights and to maximize the returns of your technology investment.

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