It’s not the data.

It’s what you do with it.


Data Visualization

Action Analytics transforms your raw data into an engaging, behavior changing, actionable experience. As visual storytellers, we will design an interactive solution using Tableau that fuels and empowers your team. With dashboards and visualizations we integrate the interactivity between data sets, empowering your audience to engage with the information. A standard design language is incorporated to intuitively inform users around common controls and categories. An aesthetic style standard is designed and implemented to meet or establish your brand guidelines.

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Executive Storytelling

A dashboard should be more than a collection of graphs. It should tell a story that inspires and calls to action. While producing interactive visualizations has never been more accessible, most dashboards fail to deliver actionable value. Storytelling is as old as civilization: it makes us curious, and uses our shared human experience to communicate abstract concepts. The human brain processes information through dialogue, and utilizes story and narrative to make decisions. Combining specific, focused data visualizations with a meaningful narrative opens the door for your organization to present complex or unsafe topics that could not be addressed otherwise. Your data is literally waiting for the opportunity to connect with a narrative that is powerful enough to change behavior. We at Action Analytics are experts at communicating data through visual narrative and storytelling.

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Data Engineering

Data cleansing and modeling are a prerequisite to creating compelling and insightful dashboards and visualizations. As an expert partner, we use Alteryx and Tableau Prep as our preferred platforms to prep, blend, normalize, reshape and enrich the data. This process combines disparate inputs into cohesive data sources suitable for visualization in Tableau. We optimize the data preparation process utilizing Alteryx workflow automation, reducing the effort required to intake new data from subsequent data sources. Through this process we transform your raw data content into tidy, structured and curated data sources.

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Advanced Analytics

Making intelligent business decisions requires predicting the future. While many companies already use and operationalize business intelligence, the true potential of their data remains untouched. Action Analytics utilizes Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Analytics and Natural Language Processing to isolate trends in historical data in order to understand and forecast future events and behaviors. Our advanced analytics experts understand complex business problems and will connect data from across your enterprise to build machine learning models that chart the probability of future outcomes. To stay in business, understanding the behavior and preferences of your customer is mandatory, but to be competitive requires predicting when your market will shift and preparing for how you will capture that opportunity.

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Enterprise Enablement & Training

Realizing self service business intelligence requires strategy, infrastructure, training, community support and sound governance. Action Analytics will design your systems architecture and help to empower your business users to build their own analytics content, cultivating a community of learning and collective problem solving. We can train your users on the best practices and master concepts to establish a center of excellence.

  • Advanced Training

  • Master Concepts

  • Visual Solution Design Best Practice

  • Tableau Server and Landscape Management

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Elevate the consciousness of your organization. Action Analytics wires new neural pathways into your organizational thinking by cabling up the sensory connectors in your data to the decision action response systems of your organizational operations.

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  • Team Coaching and Mentorship