Keith Helfrich

Managing Director


Keith specializes in Visualization and Analytics at Apple using Tableau, Alteryx, and R. With a background in the design & management of traditional BI landscapes, Keith brings to data analytics now more than 20 years in the industry, with deep roots in IT Infrastructure and traditional Business Intelligence. Keith has a degree in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida and has worked on Tableau engagements at Apple, Square, Salesforce and Keith is fluent in Spanish and has lived in Europe and Argentina.

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Sharon Resheff


Sharon is passionate about helping businesses make better decisions based on insights from their sales and marketing data. She has helped companies like Procter & Gamble and SanDisk to grow their revenue and bottom line by combining rigorous data analysis with sharp business acumen. Sharon currently works with Tableau and Alteryx to help teams at Apple to visualize their business KPIs. Sharon has a Masters in Finance from Tel Aviv University.

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Ryan Gensel


Ryan operates at the intersection of three domains: software development, management consulting and data visualization. As a former agency owner and application developer, Ryan delivered projects for American Express, Intel and NASA. He is an agency operations and project management expert: serving as a management consultant for more than one hundred US based advertising agencies. He is also Chief Architect of an analytics technology platform for professional services firms that visually trends the interrelationships between business strategy and operational performance. He is co-inventor of a Business Intelligence patent (pending) and his Tableau design is featured in “The Big Book of Dashboards”.

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Brian Biggs


A unique blend of technologist, data geek and practitioner of design-thinking: Brian’s sweet spot is using data to tell stories and discover new opportunities. After holding senior finance and operations roles at world-class digital agencies, Brian shifted to product management and spent over a decade at startups building e-commerce and video products loved by consumers and used by top brands like The North Face, Vans, Reebok, NBC Universal and Fox. Always one to use data to improve his products through discovery, validation and optimization, Brian now dedicates himself full-time to Tableau and data visualization. He has a BS in Finance from San Diego State University.

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Kevin Robitaille


Kevin has a deep passion for exploring the intricacies of complex data, and over a decade of experience in Business Analytics. With domain expertise in Channel Sales, he has helped build information systems at Apple, VMware and NetApp. He is an accomplished Sr. Program Manager and Data Analyst with over ten years of experience evaluating various business processes, systems and success metrics in order to implement improvements to increase revenue, efficiency and performance. He is a tactical planner with a proven track record of brainstorming strategies to streamline processes in order to reduce costs and increase profitability. Kevin currently shares his extensive Tableau knowledge with Apple as a full-time, expert trainer.

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Jessica Chopra


Jessica is a data science practitioner and expert in advanced statistical and predictive modeling techniques. She applies these advanced algorithmic and machine learning expertise to complex data sets to solve difficult business problems. Jessica’s 30 years of industry experience draws from multiple disciplines including finance, telecommunications and high tech. Jessica has built and led various IT companies, and trained students on leading edge tools and technologies. In addition to her current engagement, she currently teaches graduate level Machine Learning classes at Northwestern University, Chicago. Jessica holds a Masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University, and a Masters in Statistics from India. She is currently engaged to solve the most complex of business challenges at Apple using machine learning algorithms.

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